Magna: The Last Pantheon #4' - Kari learns that the prowess of Heracles is greatly exaggerated as the motley crew of deities desperately takes refuge in the pyramids of Egypt.
Publication: December 2, 2015
Cover: Eduardo Ramirez Viera
Writer: John Hervey II
Artists: Marcio Abreu, Omi Remalante Jr
Letters: E.T. Dollman

The 2014 Wizard World Spirit of Comic Con Award winning 'Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted' starring Angela Fong, Robin Shou, Gordon G. Lee, Rico E. Anderson, Mish'al Samman, and Lauren Weinberger will be on sale soon!
There is more live-action Black Tiger in pre-production for 2016!
'Black Tiger: Legacy of Fury' Trailer

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